Red light kisses

Nine months of new beginnings

No returns, no repeats, no regrets.


Shy smiles on a sunny walk along the N waterfront

Turned to warm hugs on a snowshoe hike of the B-P trail.


Thumb snaps on what’s app became

Hours of sensuous conversation,

Black braid caresses at S P,

And a glimpse of hands touching over Chess at the Vault.


Intimacy peaked

When nails grazed skin in silent moments of passion,

Throaty peals of laughter over a shared ice cube,

Bites on an Adam’s apple and

Teeth on the soft skin of a mango.


Emotion coalesced

With intertwined legs at an all night pizza place,

Holding hands and jumping slushy ice puddles

Whispered vows at an airport,

And red light kisses.