Apple and Mango

Apple: Crunchy. With a delicate light flavour. Pale white skin lightly veined. Tangy on the tongue.

Mango: Fruit of the tropics. Sweet. Passionate. A chewy skin which peels away to reveal a moist, juicy fruit that dribbles down the side of your mouth.

And the hybrid. The apple mango. A rounder shape. Firmer flesh. Slightly diluted colour – none of the flamboyant orange of the tropical mango. Just as sweet but a slightly subdued taste with less of a tickle on the tongue.

The apple is understated, happy to sit in a basket for days, ripening slowly. The mango shouts through a riot of colour, and an enticing fragrance.

The apple and the mango. Different days; a different hybrid.

Subdued and loud; gentle and exotic; virgin and vixen.