Practical magic cures for a sore back


A while ago, I wrote about a lady in Parklands that I visited who used magnets to cure all sorts of bodily aches and pains. I made a series of visits to her again in August for lower back pain, brought on by sitting in stagnant Kenyan for three hours one evening and lifting a kikapu of madafu. In a matter of days, she had me up and about again, able to bend from the waist and walk comfortably without keeping my back and waist completely stiff.

While my last post was about how she used small and large magnets, she had a new artillery at her disposal this year after attending a refreshers course in Pakistan. Yes, she still positioned the magnets at strategic points of my hand – the palm and the back of the hand – but her new healing tools, strange as it sounds, were a clothes peg, a matchstick and a prickly metal ring, which she used to relieve pain through a combination of points, colours and electric pulses (from her most retro machine).

A visit to her was the equivalent of one to a fortune teller, no less fantastical, and after each one I giggled at her antics but had to admit that whatever it as that she did, it worked. With a glance at the bumps and shapes on my hand, and questions about my favourite colours, she would diagnose all sorts of mental and physical disorders – and then suggest natural, spiritual and lifestyle-based remedies.

Simple ones like drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice first thing in the morning or eating watermelon to reduce acidity.

Practical ones like yoga stretches for the lower back with fists positioned over the kidneys.

And crazier things like using matchsticks and clothes pegs to apply pressure on the length of the fingers and the Achilles tendon, just next to the ankle, to relieve back pain.

I fluctuated between disbelief and total buy-in depending on the day and the suggestion but at the end of the week with 80% mobility in my back, I was once again a believer in her whatever her techniques were.