Chocolates at Roger’s

It’s a store that traces back to 1885, and all these years later it still occupies the same shop space on Government Street in Victoria, although the current owner is no longer a member of the Roger’s family.  But everything else is a throwback to another time, from the canopied entrance to the sepia shaded display of chocolates inside the shop.

And it works. The store has become a landmark in the city and every visitor is encouraged to pass by and experience this little taste of history and breathe in the smell of candy – almost like a visit to what would be Willy Wonka’s retail outlet.

The company pushes its nationalistic and patriotic side by targeting products to Canadian service men and women – one of their best customers in the early days according to their product brochure –  and donating proceeds to the military.

Roger’s Chocolates is also probably a great example of how a small Canadian business has grown organically over the years. The brand has retained its position while opening four more stores on the island and another four in Vancouver and Whistler.    But its Government Street outlet probably continues to be its most well known face.