Military in my home

At around 1.30am on Monday night, the silence of my sleepy estate in S**** was broken by the heavy sound of banging on doors.

Between 15 to 20 men, dressed in Kenyan military attire, visited the home of every Muslim family, including ours, and demanded identification documents.

Then they searched my home for bombs and ammunition.

When they were satisfied, they apologised for their intrusion and explained they were on the trail of a terrorist known to be hiding in the South C residential area.

These door to door searches are the latest maneuver in Operation Usalama (security), and comes less than a week after thousands of Somalis have been arrested and hundreds deported.

The government’s crackdown on insecurity follows repeated terrorist attacks in Kenya (see September 11 siege on the Westgate mall) for which Somalia’s Al Shabaab has claimed responsibility.


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