If you really knew me you’d know that …

1. I am always trying to balance two aspects in my life. The curse of being a Libran.

2. I am a morning person.

3. My favourite number is 3.

4. I adore children, and am hypnotised by their innocence and wisdom. Every time my niece puts her soft arms around my neck, I melt.

5. My eyebrows sit slightly higher than they should so I always have a look of surprise on my face (which has provided endless fodder for my sister’s amusement).

6. I am not big on make-up but I wear kajal (kohl, surma etc) as often as I can. Something about the smoky eye effect it creates.

7. I love to swim! And breaststroke is my favourite style. (I hate cold water though …)

8. Every time I look up at the sky, I search for Orion’s belt.

9. I love bedtime stories!

10. I am not attached to material possessions.

11. I am still discovering my place in the universe.

12. I am sensitive, and I need time alone to recharge.

13. I choose my friends carefully.


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